Accumulating “core-assets”

When I graduated from college, I had certain salary expectations.   As I gained more experience and education, my salary requirements increased.  When those expectations were not met, I would change employers or seek different opportunities within the company.  That is how 90% of the people in North America operate.  They focus on the income column.  Financial freedom is not about what you make (income), but what you keep (income minus expenses) and more importantly what do you do with what you keep (investments).

In my article, “Saying Goodbye to the Time for Money Swap,” I introduced a term “core-assets.”  Financially free people concentrate their spending on “core-assets” which are items of value not including non-income producing assets. In other words, “core-assets” are only items that produce income such as rental properties, limousines and stocks. Your home, cars and boats unless they are used in a business are not “core-assets.” The financially free pay their bills, send their kids to school and travel the world on income generated by their “core assets.”  If you have any desire to become financially free, your thinking must shift from income to accumulating “core-assets.”


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