Gold In A Free Fall

The previous article said that commodities are simply experiencing a normal pull back in a bull market.  In this article, Jack Chan is not so sure.  The commodites market has us just where it wants us – confused.  Jack is one of the best.  I have subscribed to his service for a couple of years.


Source: Gold Eagle
by Jack Chan

The advantage of just focusing on a few sectors have allowed me to stay very close to the markets and price action. Trading and investing is an ongoing learning experience, the more we see, the more we learn. I’ve been criticized recently by some due to the few whipsaws we have taken this summer. I offer no apologies for that, because I have warned many times that whipsaws could happen while prices are in a consolidation process until a new trend is established. It’s the cost of doing business. That consolidation is now over as prices have broken down.

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