Investing – Think Globally

The September 16th edition of the Economist focused on the economic emergence of countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China.  It stated that these countries are set to give the world’s economy its biggest boost in history.  It wasn’t very long ago that I thought of the NASDAQ as the stock market.  That thinking hasn’t been very profitable over the past 6 years. As investors, we must think globally to benefit from the emerging economies. 

To attain world-wide perspective, I like to read Dr. Marc Faber’s writings.  He is highly regarded as one of the world’s most respected contrarian economic forecasters.  Recently he shed some of his latest insight on Bloomberg TV.

BTW, If you are ever interviewed on television – be aware of your body language.  Dr. Faber was clearly annoyed with the questioning from the interviewer.  The interviewer was obviously stuck in a US centric investing mindset.

Video Interview

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