The Time & Money Group Welcomes our New Readers

If this is your first time visiting – WELCOME.  Make sure to read the “about page” to get feel for who I am. This past week, I was very excited when I was quoted in an article “Gold on a Tear” by David Vaughn.  It was posted on many well-known financial web sites including Kitco, Financial Sense Online and Gold Seek. Being quoted by an industry professional, helps validate the message that I am trying to convey here. 

This blog was started for the sole intent to share my views on Financial Freedom with anyone who is interested. This marks my second time down the Financial Freedom path and I believe that I have much to share. Although my forte is stock trading, I have tried the other paths and continue to dabble in those areas.  I strongly believe that everyone should actively participate in the stock market.  It doesn’t have to be your primary source of income, but it should be one.  Having multiple streams of income makes Financial Freedom more sustainable.  With just a little non-mainstream knowledge, the stock market can become one of those streams. 

What do I mean by non-mainstream knowledge? Jumping on CNBC’s bandwagon and buying Consumer Staple stocks over the past few months is acting on mainstream news. The DOW breaking its all-time high is main-stream.  If you bought at the peak in 2000 and held for the last 6 years you were rewarded with a 0% return. Whoopee. Yes, you would have received dividends on that investment, but Whoopee.  I would have rather been invested in the HUI gold-index that is up nearly 1,000% since 2000. 

A great place to start accumulating your non-mainstream knowledge is by reading my article “The No-Brainer Investment Strategy to Double Digit Returns.”  Follow that by reading all of the articles in the Absolute Must Reads category.  Then pick and choose different categories of interest.

I am VERY THANKFUL that you are spending some of your valuable time here.  The road to Financial Freedom is treacherous.  Hopefully, I can help to navigate the roadways as you seek your dream.

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