Real Money Portfolio – Update 12/2

In an effort to increase accountability, I have started this thread refer to backgrounder for more info. I will track the performance of one of my portfolios at least weekly with intra-week updates when there is a change in compositon. I will try to post changes within a day of the actual change.

This is a real money portfolio. The exact size of the portfolio is immaterial, but I will say that it is less than $50K. Due to its size, the portfolio will not have more than 4 stocks at any time. I am heavily biased towards natural resource stocks, so that will be reflected in the portfolio’s compositon. I am not interested in diversification. So, none of that large cap – small cap stuff. However, the portfolio will consist of primarily ETFs – which are diversified across its sector.

The portfolio’s remaining cash was put to work this past week, so this is a good time to start this thread. Here are the transactions:

11/27 USO $52.21, 11/29 GDX $40.47, 12/1 XLE $60.61

CEF is fourth member of the portfolio. It was purchased on 10/13 at $8.36.

As the weeks progressive, I will talk to how I enter and exit trades. Let’s see how this goes. Hopefully it is up and to the right.

Symbol Date In Entry Price Date Out Exit Price Current Price 12/1 Current % return Allocation Closed P/L Overall
CEF 13-Oct 8.36     9.78 17.0% 38.3%  
USO 27-Nov 52.21     55.05 5.4% 19.1%  
GDX 29-Nov 40.47     41.54 2.6% 22.2%  
XLE 1-Dec 60.61     60.64 0.0% 20.4%  

Watch List:

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