Next Move in Interest Rates is Down

No one says it quite like Peter Schiff.

“December’s larger than expected jump in non-farm payrolls is predictably being touted as evidence of a more vibrant U.S. economy.  Unfortunately, the data does not support this conclusion.  The bloated service sector added 178,000 jobs, while manufacturing shed another 12,000 jobs.  What this means is that 178,000 more workers will be consuming goods while 12,000 fewer will be making them.  The result will be larger trade deficits that merely compound already stretched global imbalances and exacerbate America’s inevitable day of reckoning.”

Even Ben Bernanke should understand this…

“As an example, suppose that ten castaways were marooned on an island.  What if on the day they washed up on shore they all decided to assume the following jobs; lawyer, accountant, banker, economist, actor, philosopher, astrologer, beautician, teacher, and nurse.  How long do you suppose they would all remain alive without food, water, or shelter?  Someone has to provide those things or everyone will perish.”

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