Real Money Portfolio – Update 1/5

This thread tracks real trades in one of my portfolios. Refer to backgrounder for more info.

It was an active week in this portfolio.  On Wednesday, after an initial move up Gold sold down hard for the remainder of the day.  I closed out GDX at the close.  It also looked like the general markets specifically technology was going to sell off as well.  So, I opened a position in PSQ.  PSQ moves opposite of the QQQQ.  So, it is a way to bet on the downside instead of shorting. Also I purchased a small position in Cresud (CRESY).


Cresud produces beef and grain products in Argentina.  It also owns farm land. I have been watching Cresud for a while.  I was really tempted to buy it when it was trading at 17.30, but passed.  I couldn’t resist when it was up 6% on 3X its average volume.  I only bought a small position. Usually stocks up that much tend to sell off for a few days afterwards.  If this move is real – I will add more.  I realize that in the backgrounder that I stated that I would only be buying ETFs in this portfolio.  However, there is no ETF to trade the soft commodities like grain.  So, I am testing out Cresud as a proxy for soft commodities.


On Thursday, technology up over 2% whip-sawed me out of PSQ.  If a trade goes against me – I have no problem taking a quick loss and moving on.  Small losses can quickly turn into large losses.


On Friday, the bleeding continued and I dumped CEF and FXI. 



The portfolio now only has a 10% position in Cresud and the remaining 90% is in cash.


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