Knowledge Always Precedes the Money

I was just reading an article and the author stated that his motto was “knowledge always precedes the money.”  I really like that.  We often hear people say, incorrectly I might add, that “knowledge is power.”  I prefer “acting on knowledge is power.”  However, knowledge always precedes the money has a nice ring to it.  I may adopt it as the theme for the site.

The title of the article is “If Real Estate Investment Is So Great, Why Doesn’t Everyone Do It?”  The author’s premise is that fear of taking action is one of most people’s greatest inhibitors.  He calls it “It is easier not to …”  This applies not only to Real Estate investing, but the other paths to financial freedom as well.

To alleviate this fear he suggests a one word answer KNOWLEDGE.  Properly armed with knowledge most can overcome their fears to the point of taking action.

This helps to affirm what I am trying to do here.  I will continue sharing with you knowledge that I have acquired on the different paths to financial freedom and hopefully it will lead a few to act.

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  • I could not agree with you more.

    Knowledge is always power.
    Having money and no knowledge is a waste.

    I try my best to always educate myself on personal finance.

    whether it be debt or ETFs and Forex. I never stop learning.

  • Wow, “having money and no knowledge is a waste.” I play the lottery every one in a while – when it is gets to be some crazy jackpot, but I truly despise them. I see it as a tax on the uneducated. How many lottery winners are broke a few years after winning? How many athletes or entertainers file for bankruptcy? More power to them for being lucky enough to win or good enough to earn the big bucks, but if they can’t take some time to educate themselves – the money wasn’t meant to be theirs anyway.