Real Money Portfolio – Update 1/20

This thread tracks real trades in one of my portfolios. Refer to backgrounder for more info.  I made a few more moves than I expected this week.  Hopefully, I can get on the right side of the trend.  Let’s take a look at the trades.

First of all, Cresud is fading fast.  I have placed a stop loss order right underneath the trend line at $17.69. So, either it is going to turnaround fast or I will be taken out on Monday or Tuesday. 


I am back in CEF.  I made two purchases – one on Wednesday and the other on Friday.  I allocated 20% to each trade.  I might be jumping the gun a little.  I typically like to buy stocks as they move up through resistance.  You can see from the chart – why I think I may be early.  I believe that the big black candle is a bad quote – that’s why I drew the trend line through it.  I will be watching this trade closely.  I am prepared to bail out on a close below Wednesday’s low. 



The final move for the week was a purchase of BHP.  Once again I breaking my pledge of ETFs only (for this portfolio).  BHP is the world’s largest mining company.  It mines every commodity imaginable – Copper, Zinc, Uranium, and many more.  Since BHP is so diversified, it’s almost like an ETF.  This one has clearly broken through the resistance.


I am still trailing the S&P, but if the wind starts blowing – it won’t take long to catch up.


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