Week in Review 1/19 – Oil Has a Pulse

What a difference a week makes.  Last week technology was partying like it was 1999.  This week some one took away the punch bowl.  The oldies plus one (Yahoo, Sun Microsystems, Apple, Intel, Dell and Google) were down 5.5% this week.  Apple released great earnings, but its outlook wasn’t overwhelming.  Most were simply looking for an excuse to take profits after an unbelievable start of the year for tech.

On the other hand, the stuff we like to talk about here (commodities) are starting to show some life.  Even oil is trying to get up off the deck.  Although down for the week, it is +3% move on Friday was encouraging.

Let’s review our stocks.

The Fab Four from the article “The Commodities Bull Market is Back” was up 0.3% for the week.  It was led by BHP’s gains of 2.7%.  BHP was added to the Real Money portofolio on Friday.


Here are the rest of the regulars:


SOX – Semiconductor Index
CEF – Gold and Silver Bullion ETF
GDX – Gold Mining Stocks ETF
GLD – Gold Bullion Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
PHO – Water Resources ETF
BBO (Big-Build Out) – basket of 12 stocks critical to the industrialization of BRIC
BRIC – basket of 4 country ETFs: Brazil, Russia, India and China
Refer to the following links for more information on above stocks.

GDX, CEF: Link
USO: Link
PHO: Link

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