Make Money in Real Estate in 2007: 5 Insider Secrets Investors Need to Know

Below are excerpts from “Make Money in Real Estate in 2007.” 

Source: PR Web
by Stephen Gregg

  1. Get good quality real estate investing education
    Having the knowledge is the key. But buyer beware: There are various types of so-called real estate investing seminars available.
  2. Know your market
    Are you in a market with high or low appreciation; what is the renter status in the area; are there a lot or not very many foreclosures; are you in a high, medium or low income area. Is it a growing population area, or decreasing?
  3. Decide your investment strategy
    “Buy and Hold,” “Fix and Flip,” “Creative Financing,” “Foreclosures,” “IRA and Retirement Plan Investing,” “Lease Options,” “Multi-family dwelling,” “Commercial real estate,” and many others.
  4. Don’t listen to the news
    If you base your investment strategies on news reports, you may not get out of bed.
  5. Build your TEAM
    Players on your team may include other successful investors, a mortgage company, an accounting firm and tax attorneys to protect your assets, a mentor who is willing to walk with you every step of the way, and a group of professionals who will identify potential investment properties. Your income will be the average of your five best friends. Be sure to choose your team wisely.
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  • I want to invest in real estate. Conda is the best choice for now but how will it be in the future?