Real Money Portfolio – Update 1/28

This thread tracks real trades in one of my portfolios. Refer to backgrounder for more info.  We are back to 100% invested in this portfolio.  Last time this happened was in the beginning of December.  It lasted for a “whole” 3 days.  Making it thru Tuesday, without selling anything, will put a new streak in place.  I am not banking on that happening.  Let’s take a look at what happened last week.

As I mentioned last week,  Cresud either had to turnaround quickly or it would be stopped out on Monday or Tuesday.  Around 9:31 am on Monday it was taken out.  It spent the rest of the week taunting me for selling it – as it attempted to pull back.  Good riddance.  I have already redeployed the money elsewhere.


Gold and Silver had a nice move on Tuesday and CEF finally broke thru its resistance.  I added another 10% to CEF bringing it’s total allocation to 50%.  Recall that CEF is a Gold and Silver bullion ETF.  I intentionally over-weighted bullion as it has outperformed Gold/Silver Stocks since the release of the Gold ETF in November 2004.  Typically Gold/Silver stocks outperform bullion.  Let’s see if it this new trend continues.


On Tuesday I also added a 10% position in one of my favorite Silver stocks – SLW.  I have spoken about SLW before on these pages (here).  I added another and the final 10% on Wednesday.


BHP released earnings on Wednesday and underwhelmed the market.  It spent the next two days selling off.  So, BHP is under the microscope this week.  Will December’s 3 day streak stand?  It is quite possible with BHP looking vulnerable.


We closed the gap with the S&P a little this past week.  Let’s hope for more of the same this week.


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