The Gold Bulls are Coming Out of Hiding

There is a lot of bullish Gold commentary floating around.  If this is the real deal – I am locked and loaded.  Refer to the portfolio threads to see where my money is parked.

Source:  January Gold Report
In conclusion, I would like to make one more change in my December forecast. I stated that, looking a little further out in the calendar, I believe we’ll see a close above US $730.40 in the spring of 2007 and a new all-time high sometime later in the year. I now believe that this leg up will not exhaust itself until we see a $775.00 print at the very least. This market spent months, from May 11, 2006 until January 25, 2007, being compressed into a tighter and tighter trading range and I don’t believe we did that to simply rally another $70.00 or so.

Source: Gold Powering Up for Major Uptrend
Because gold stalled out again at the zone of heavy resistance centered just above $660 last week and didn’t actually end the week up all that much, many investors haven’t cottoned on to the significance of last weeks’ breakout. So let us be absolutely clear, it was MASSIVELY SIGNIFICANT, and we shall be much obliged to those sellers last week who are providing us with a last chance to board the train before it leaves the station. This is the time to load up with promising stocks across the board.

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