Women Entrepreneurs and Risk

This article is was written for women, however its conclusion applies to all.  “When we stop looking at ambition and risk as an enemy of life balance and see it instead as a way to achieve it, then perhaps we’ll be ready to start thinking big.”


Kristi Hedges
Entrepreneur . com

A thought-provoking Harvard Business Review article I once read by Anna Fels asked “Do women lack ambition?” It found that women pursue their goals only after they’ve satisfied the needs of their family, including caring for children and elderly parents. It also found that women underestimate their abilities (while their male counterparts overestimate them) and are therefore less likely to pursue lofty career goals.

Here’s what else studies repeatedly show us:

  • Only 1.8 percent of women-owned businesses in the U.S. have revenues above $1 million per year, according to the SBA.
  • Women lag behind men in their willingness to seek bank financing for their ventures.
  • Women are far less likely to receive venture capital. In my own experience, I’ve only seen two women receive it, and one was replaced shortly after the check cleared.

Whether or not you buy any of this–and certainly there are always exceptions–the fact remains that female entrepreneurs are less likely to take the big risks to get the big rewards.

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