The Young Investor

It’s never too early to get started.

Source: FastWeb
Stephen Borkowski

When Todd Romer was 16 years old he bought 10 shares of Johnson & Johnson stock with money he earned mowing lawns. “That was a tremendous lesson,” he says. Now he’s the editor of Young Money magazine, a publication he founded in 1999.

Becoming an Investor

Investing while you’re a high school or college student isn’t as outrageous an idea as you might think. “People think to become an investor you have to be 40 years old, and have hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Romer says. He started with $430, but you could start with even less than that.

And you don’t need an advanced business degree to learn good investing skills. “When you break it down, they’re very simple concepts to understand,” Dayana Yochim, senior writer for The Motley Fool, says. There are an array of books and Web sites you can use to educate yourself (check out the list at the bottom of this article).

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  • Good story, I cannot wait to teach my daughter about investing!
    This is a good story to tell her.