Investing in – shoes?

Source: Naples News . com

A few of us were having a conversation in one of the restaurants at Waterside Shops, when the topic of shoes stepped forward.

Lisa is a tall, smart, pulchritudinous blonde who’s in the high-end retail clothing business. Clothes and accessories are integral to her life. In an introspective mood, having just turned 30, Lisa concluded that in three decades, she had accomplished little except having a good shoe collection.

“I’m good at investing in shoes” she said.

Being a supportive person, I complimented her on her achievement and asked if she would start on handbags next.

“That market is way out of my league. Prices are too high.”

Hmmm, like Google stock?

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  • Jennifer

    I agree that investing in shoes can bring good money. Look at Madonna. She has a unique collection of shoes that costs several million dollarls.

  • I think buying too many expensive shoes means just wasting your money. You will hardly sell them at higher price that you bought. I don’t see any point in investing in shoes.