Week in Review 2/23 – Semiconductor Stocks Up Big

Technology is back!  The semiconductor index was up 3.3% for the week.  This is good for the overall market since the semis historically lead the market.  The talking heads will have something to crow about as many have been pumping technology lately.  As I said last week, this provides great cover for the commodity related stocks to run.

Gold captured the headlines in commodity patch with its $20 gain on Wednesday.  Seems like there have been some $20 down days, but I can’t recall a $20 up day since I have been trading Gold.  A few days like this can work miracles for your return.  Gold might have captured the headlines, but once again Copper was the star up 7.3% for the week.  This move lit a fire under Southern Cooper (PCU) up 13.2% for the week. 

Let’s take a look at what happened in the portfolios this week.

Fab 4:

Another great week by The Fab Four, “The Commodities Bull Market is Back”, as the group tacked on another 4.2%.  Southern Cooper (PCU) is just out of control as it was up 13.2% for the week.   BHP Billiton (BHP), Hudbay Minerals (HBM.TO) and PetroBras (PBR) pitched in gains of 1.4%, 0.9% and 1.5% respectively for the week.  Year to date, the portfolio is up 7.2% led by Southern Cooper’s phenomenal 39.2% effort.



Southern Cooper is a part of the BBO – need I say more.  Its friends aren’t exactly slacking.  Take a look at the YTD gains of the top 5 stocks in the BBO: PCU +39.2%, RIO +23.4%, BHP +16.5%, AL +11.8% and TEX 10.0%.  The portfolio is up 10.8% year to date. 


BRIC is the black sheep in the family.  It was down another 1.6% and is down 6.3% for the year.  I have some ideas on what’s causing its problem and will be writing about it in the next couple of days.

Real Money:

Real Money was up 3.3% for the week.  Read here for the details.

Here are the rest of the regulars:


SOX – Semiconductor Index
CEF – Gold and Silver Bullion ETF
CRESY – Argentine Beef, Grain and Farmland
GDX – Gold Mining Stocks ETF
GLD – Gold Bullion Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
PHO – Water Resources ETF
BBO (Big-Build Out) – basket of 12 stocks critical to the industrialization of BRIC
BRIC – basket of 4 country ETFs: Brazil, Russia, India and China
Real Money – actual trades from one of my portfolios

Refer to the following links for more information on above stocks and portfolios:

GDX, CEF: Link
USO: Link
PHO: Link
Real Money: Link

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