Are You Really Ready to Be Your Own Boss?

Source: Smart Money . com

Ask yourself these six questions to find out if you are ready? My answers in bold.

  1. Are You Starting a Business by Choice, or Necessity?  Necessity, I wouldn’t be happy doing anything else.
  2. Do You Like Risk?  No, I love it!
  3. Do You Have the Patience of Job?  Job took it to an extreme, but I don’t need everything to happen today.  Tomorrow is soon enough.
  4. Are You More Flexible Than a Yoga Instructor?  I was a sales-guy. No one is more flexible than a sales person at the end of the quarter.  BTW, always buy your cars the last week of the month.
  5. Do Your Organizational Skills Put Martha Stewart to Shame?  Speaking of extremes – I am organized enough to stay out of jail.
  6. Are You Prepared to Tap Your Inner Workaholic? Sleep is over-rated. 
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