5 Not So Easy Steps to Financial Freedom

It has taken me nearly 20 years to attain financial independence.  I am not going to sugar coat it, because it hasn’t been easy.  If anyone tells you it is – put your hand on your wallet and run.  Now it shouldn’t have taken me 20 years, but I made MANY mistakes.  On these pages, I attempt to share some of the wisdom gained from those painful lessons.   The hope is that this will significantly speed up your time to achievement.   Depending on your current financial state and openness to change, my best guess, is that it will take somewhere between 1 to 10 years to achieve financial freedom.

Here are my  “5 Not So Easy Steps to Financial Freedom.”

  1. Dream – Why do we spend so much time preparing for when we can do what we want (retirement) instead of doing it now?
  2. Shift – Main Stream Thinking leads to a gold watch for 40 years of service.  Making a mind shift enables you to buy your own watch while fulfilling your dreams.
  3. Learn – Unfortunately there are no short cuts.  Certain knowledge must be acquired.
  4. Act – The fastest way to accomplish a goal is to find someone who has achieved it and do what they do.
  5. Learn Some More – The learning never stops.  Specific knowledge makes freedom possible.
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