The 100 Most Inspirational Personal Finance Turnaround Stories Online

I just received notification that I was included on the Top 100 Most Inspirational Personal Finance Turnaround Stories Online List.  That’s a mouthful.  This is the second time that I have been included in a top 100 list.  It is always exciting to be recognized in any manner.  It means that you are making a difference in whatever endeavor you are pursuing. 

 I was included in the entrepreneur section:

Entrepreneurs are a different breed. Often unwilling to toil away in a cube farm, they decide that they want something bigger. Unfortunately, something bigger usually involves huge risks. These people took the troubles in stride and have all become successful entrepreneurs.

BTW, they mentioned in my write up that “he realized that financial freedom is not about being rich, it’s about getting by.”  Getting by is definitely one approach, but not my preference.  Since it is imperative to generate more income than expenses, one can either cut expenses to meet your income (getting by) or increase your income to meet your expenses.  I choose the latter.  More on that in a later post.

Top 100 List

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  • Congradulations Michael!!!!

  • Thanks Moneymonk – it is always great to hear from you….