Week in Review 6/15 – Is Intel Back?

Unless this is your first time reading this site, you know that I am predominately a commodity stock investor.  However, like many I learned to trade during the Internet bubble years with the likes of Cisco, Microsoft and Intel.  After watching my portfolio melt down in 2000, I swore off tech stocks.  I would dabble here and there, but a few weeks ago I made my first significant investment in tech in years.  Interestingly, I back into the positions through my new love commodity stocks.  Read all about it here.

Of all the news last week, PPI/CPI in line, oil flirting with $68/ barrel – the most exciting was Intel making a new 52 week high.  If there is one truism in the stock market – it is that tech leads the market and semiconductors lead tech.  Intel, the granddady of semiconductors, is making a comeback.  This could be a fun ride.


BTW, the porfolios were on fire this week.  Let’s take a look. 

Fab 4:

The Fab was the star of the week up 6.2%.  To put it into perspective the S&P 500 is only up 8.1% for the year.  PetroBras led the charge up 10.8%.  Oil is breaking out, so there may be more weeks like this one from PBR.  The scorecard reads as such:  PBR 10.8%, PCU 6.3%, HBM.TO 4.6% and 3.8%.  Year to date: 37.8%.


In most weeks, a 5.2% return would be receive top billing.  Not this week.  How about 4th out of 5 portfolios?  That’s right.  The Fab 4, Real Money and BRIC outperformed the BBO.  That’s OK – I am planning for a slight modification to the BBO on 6/30.  That should allow it to remain top dog through the remainder of the year.  Year to date:  42.0%.

Real Money:

Real Money got a boost with the addition of PBR on Monday.  Read here for details.  Year to Date: 12.4%.

The Big Spend (TBS):

TBS was the slacker of the group up 2.9%.  Although it lagged the others, it still outperformed the S&P 500.  As long as we are outperforming the market, all is good.  TBS is a newest portfolio as of 5/25/07.  Read here for more details.  Since inception: 5.7%.


The only true laggard amongst the portfolios is BRIC.  Year to date it is lagging the S&P 500.  After the stock market massacre on 2/27, I began searching for an alternative to BRIC.  Read here for details.  Since March 2, BRIC has doubled the performance of the S&P 500: 21.0% v. 10.5%.  The alternative BRIC has barely kept up with the S&P 500 with a 9.2% return.  So needless to say, the alternative BRIC will not being seeing the light of day.  However, during the experiment I did identify a stud that will be moving into the BBO at the end of the month.  For the week, BRIC was up 5.4%.  Year to Date: 3.4%.

Here are the rest of the regulars:


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