Real Money Portfolio – Update 6/25

This thread tracks real trades in one of my portfolios. Refer to backgrounder for more info.

Coming into this past week I was expecting to give back a significant part of the previous week’s 5% gain.  Pleasantly, the Real Money portfolio held court; closing out the week with a slight 0.1% gain.  This was in the midst of a 2% down week in the S&P 500.  You gotta love that.

I am expecting some significant downside pressure at the beginning of the week as the Bear Stearns Hedge fund blow-up has given the market the jitters.  “How Might the Subprime Issues Unravel” is an excellent article by Barry Ritholtz that summarizes the situation pretty well.  All we can do is put of stops in place and let the market do what it does…

No trades this past week.

YTD: Real Money 12.5% v S&P 500 5.9%

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