Ron Paul Gets No Respect

I get more hits on my site for the term “Ron Paul” than any other by 5X.  Strange for a financial website – maybe not since money and politics are so interrelated.  If you don’t believe me just look at the amount of wealth that was destroyed by the “bone-headed” move the Canadian government made in November.  By imposing a new tax on income trusts billions of dollars vanished in thin air.

Ron Paul is definitely the Rodney Dangerfield of this upcoming election.  He gets absolutely no respect.  I was cracking up after I think the second Republican debate.  The FOX commentators couldn’t believe that he was winning their Internet polls.  They attributed it to the Internet savvy crowd stuffing the ballots.  Well how do they explain this?  In the second quarter, Ron Paul is reporting that he has 2.4 million cash on hand.  That is more money than former “front-runner” John McCain.

 That’s a nice piece of change, but it’s peanuts compared to Giuliani and Romney.  However, I am willing to bet that Ron Paul will get more votes in New Hampshire than Romney.  As a resident of Massachusetts, I am quite certain that the Massachusetts people will give the New Hampshire people a heads up on Romney.

Except for the diss at the end, the following is an excellent interview with Ron Paul.  In time Dr. Paul – in time – you will get some respect. 

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  • NH

    Thanks, he’s already got respect.
    Just check out the Joe Scarborough video as well the Iowa Rally video and the Google video.