Time & Money Review 9/21/07 – Commodities Explode

Guesstimates on the outcome of the Fed meeting were all over the map with most thinking that a quarter-point reduction was in the cards.  However, the Fed shocked the market by cutting interest rates 50 and 50.  The federal funds rate (overnight loans between banks) and discount rate (direct loan to banks from Fed) were both lowered 50 basis points to 4.75% and 5.25% respectively.  Stocks rallied as concerns over the housing and credit turmoil dragging down the economy diminished.  For the week, the DOW, S&P 500 and NASDAQ were up 2.8%, 2.8% and 2.7% respectively. 

As stocks rallied, the dollar tanked. The Fed was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Lower rates and tank the dollar.  Do nothing and possibly tank the economy.  The economy won.  So, what are the implications of a lower dollar?  Take a trip to Europe or Canada for that matter and you will find out.  It takes more dollars to buy stuff abroad than it did last week.  However, on the flip side tourism will pick up as visiting the US hasn’t been this affordable in years.

Commodity investors were the big winners.  A weaker U.S. currency makes dollar-denominated metals cheaper for investors in other currencies.  Spot Gold hit its highest since January 1980.  Silver exploded.  Copper exploded.  Oil hit an all-time high. All of the stuff we care about here at The Time & Money Group was up.

The TTaMG portfolios rocked.

  • Fab 4       9.9%
  • BBO         8.6% 
  • BRIC      5.9%
  • Real Money  9.1%
  • TBS        6.8%
  • MDs Ag Play  9.5% 

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