A Jewel Called StockTwits

I can’t believe that it has been nearly a year since I have posted to this blog. Some of my content was read on some fairly popular financial websites. However, delivering that level of content had become a chore.  Most bloggers will tell you that the Google Adsense checks don’t compensate for the effort required to keep your blog current.

That being said, once you get pass the blogging for dollars mentality the joys of blogging can become overwhelming. Specifically, the interactions with people whose paths would never be crossed otherwise are invaluable. I will never forget the first time one of the trader’s from CNBC’s Fast Money responded to one of my posts. I was convinced it was one of my friends joking around. However, it was truly him. He had found my article on Agriculture Stock Plays and liked what I had to say. Unfortunately, this puts us back to the time thing. The quality of your interactions are directly proportional to the quality of your content.

In March of 2009, I discovered “micro blogging” through Twitter. I loved it right from the start. It enabled the establishment of high quality interactions without the hours required to pump out a blog. Immediately I set out to establish a relationship with Shaquille O’neal.  After all, we had a lot in common. I shot a little hoop in high school and also I grew up in Florida not far from Orlando, Shaq’s first NBA home. After a few tweets and no response, I figured we didn’t have so much in common after all.

Shortly after that let down, I discovered a jewel. While checking out the tweets of some CNBC types, I stumbled across a tweet from a Personality asking “Who is Howard Lindzon?” He didn’t say, “Who is #@$!# Lindzon?,” but it was clear that was his intent. Needless to say my curiosity was peaked and I clicked on his profile.

Well, Howard turned out to be this New Media Whiz who believed that the established financial media was doing a disservice to the everyday investor. If you have read any of my past blogs – you know that message resonated with me. He had also co-founded a company called StockTwits. It is a community of traders/investors that talk stocks 24/7.

The beauty of StockTwits is that it is real people sharing ideas and information. This isn’t Yahoo Finance where yahoos are saying things under multiple identities. Some in the community are well known in Finance circles, like Doug Kass, a regular CNBC contributor, or Keith McCollough, a Bloomberg contributor. However, the real stars are in names you have never heard of like Joe Donohue, Brian Shannon, Ann-Marie and many others. These are grizzly veterans of many stock market cycles that are willing to freely share with any that choose to engage.

The features being added to StockTwits are too many to list, but StockTwits.TV may be a game changer. Instead of listening to the same old talking heads, StockTwits TV is providing an outlet for fresh voices that won’t tell you to buy and hold stocks forever or to move to 5% cash if you are a little nervous. I would love to know how many viewers log in to check out MacroTwits on Sunday night. It may rival some CNBC shows.

It is funny how the Shaq diss almost ended my Twitter experience; while the Lindzon diss led me to this jewel called StockTwits.

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  • Stocktwits is an awesome community, full of intelligent people with brilliant ideas and engaging conversation. Nice article.

  • Thanks dude…glad you see the benefits we set out to create. amazing how we have all kept it so positive and supportive. much appreciated.

  • Thanks dude…glad you see the benefits we set out to create. amazing how we have all kept it so positive and supportive. much appreciated.