Why MicroStrategy is a Baller

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The past few months I have been thinking quite a bit about the concept of “Big Data” – the ability to create, manipulate and manage very large data sets. Companies like this week’s love child Linked In wouldn’t be economically viable without a method to process Big Data. Their monetization model is dependent on understanding its customer’s behaviors and usage patterns which is mined from its data.

One of the reasons I spend so much time on StockTwits is that it’s a great place to share ideas with really smart people. After my blog on Where Mobile Social and the Cloud Meet, Robert Irr aka techinsidr, suggested I take a look at Micro Strategy. On Thursday, when it broke out on heavy volume it joined Tibco and Yahoo , in my 8 Ballers of Mobile portfolio, as plays on Big Data.  The 8 Ballers of Mobile is a Long Term strategy designed to profit from technologies driving the next generation of computing – Mobile, Social and the Cloud.

Here is why I believe MicroStrategy deserves Baller status.


Making deals with the Social Media Giants:

March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire:  Groupon will use MicroStrategy to analyze its daily deals and gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior by examining the types of goods and services purchased, discounts offered, location, and purchaser demographics. The MicroStrategy-based reports and dashboards will give Groupon visibility into trends that can help to optimize and maximize the deals for improved performance. In addition, Groupon will use MicroStrategy to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of its advertising expenditures.

The Whales want in:

George Soros discloses 5.6% stake in MicroStrategy 13D

An Industry Leader:

Stock hitting multi-year highs:



Disclosure: Long: Micro Strategy.


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