Hey Ma, I’m on The Reformed Broker Blog

Yesterday I noticed that I was getting more new Twitter followers than normal.  Usually if I nail a blog post or tweet something really interesting, I will notice an influx of new followers.  However, on yesterday, nothing provoking from moi hit the wire.  I was certain that my sarcastic tweet about Google Plus hitting 750M users by August didn’t move that many peeps.

It turns out that yesterday – my blog was featured on The Reformed Broker’s Blog. Now folks this is big time stuff. For a blogger this is equivalent to – I’m not sure, but trust me it’s big 🙂

All kidding aside, I was deeply humbled by the shout out.  Josh Brown, author of The Reformed Broker Blog, is an incredible guy. Each day he cranks out 5-6 blog posts, many days he is on CNBC or Yahoo’s new finance show “Breakout” and he manages money also. He is the Master of Multitask. The fact that he finds time to read my blog and shares that with his many thousands of readers is very gratifying.

It’s pretty simple here – I blog about what I love to do and that’s trading & investing.  Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I get it wrong.  As long as the “wrongs” are not so wrong, we live to see another day.  That’s the secret to this game.  It is impossible to win if you are not in the fight.

After about a half-hour conversation, with my Mother about blogs and trading, I convinced her this was an honor.  For some reason, she didn’t go bragging to her friends.  Trust me, Ma, this is big time stuff….

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  • Anonymous

    LOL, keep up the great work.  and say hello to Ma Rida for me!


  • Great! thanks for sharing