Who Will Dominate the 7″ Tablet Market This Christmas?

Written by on July 6, 2012 in Stock Talk with 4 Comments

Last  Christmas season Amazon had the 7″ tablet market all to itself with its newly introduced Fire.  Research in Motion’s Playbook was available, but no one outside of Canada cared.  The Fire’s $199 selling price versus Apple’s iPad $499 entry price definitely spurred interest.  Amazon claimed sales were stellar, but left it to analysts to guestimate how many Fire’s were actually sold.   Some analysts estimated that as many as 6 million Fires were sold during the Christmas quarter.  For perspective, Apple sold 15.4M iPads over the same period.

Success always draws competition, so Google and possibly Apple will be going after the 7″ market this holiday season.  Google just announced the Nexus 7 – a 7″ tablet that matches Amazon on price and the rumors of a baby iPad will not die.  So the question is – who will dominate the 7″ market this Christmas season?

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  • http://twitter.com/STRIPBLUNTS ANDRE SALAZAR

    No 7-inch iPad, plain & simple!! I’m not sure why you & the rest of the media are so eager to watch Apple fail, knowing that their is no need for a 7-inch model iPad since the iPad2 & 3 are leading the industry in sales. Plus none of the other non-iPad devices are selling millions or even hundreds of thousands. You media types or bloggers need to give up on the pay-for-stories or posts model. It only serves to ruin any credibility you have. 7-inch tablets are “duds” + require way too much marketing for really small, possibly non-existent sales.

  • http://michaelkdawson.com/ TrendRida

    It’s up to the market to decide if there is a need for a 7″ tablet. For Apple it’s a no lose situation. If the 7″ takes off they will reap many sales. If it doesn’t the 10″ is proven & successful. Btw, Apple sells multiple size laptops, desktops, iPods – how much additional marketing does that take? Finally, I don’t think Apple will go down to the $199 sales price. IMO, they will sell more at $299 than the others at $199…

  • Cushing1

    Agreed. A minority of 7″ iPads would steal from Apple’s 10″ iPad sales, cutting margins. But a much higher % of 7″ sales would be at the expense of competitors. Very few owners of iPods, iPhones or Macs will choose a competitive tablet even if Apple’s price is $100 higher than competitive 7″ models.

  • Woody

    Apple already has a “Baby iPad” and its called and iPod Touch. It works great and fits in your shirt pocket. No need for a 7″. Would be overkill and would cannibalize iPad’s. Let Bezo’s and those 2 Google fruitcakes play in the 7′ Market.