Steve Jobs “They’ll Get Used to It”

Written by on October 5, 2012 in Steve Jobs Take, your Mind with 0 Comments

I have been slacking off on blojobsgging, but saw this story today by Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen on Steve Jobs (The Atlantic Wire) and just had to share it.

In the fall of 2006, my wife, Laura, and I went out to dinner with Steve and his brilliant and lovely wife, Laurene. Sitting outside of the restaurant on California Avenue in Palo Alto waiting for a table to open up, on a balmy Silicon Valley evening, Steve pulled his personal prototype iPhone out of his jeans pocket and said, ‘Here, let me show you something.’  He took me on a tour through all of the features and capabilities of the new device.

“After an appropriate amount of oohing and aahing, I ventured a comment. BlackBerry aficionado as I was, I said, ‘Boy, Steve, don’t you think it’s going to be a problem not having a physical keyboard? Are people really going to be okay typing directly on the screen?’ He looked me right in the eye with that piercing gaze and said, ‘They’ll get used to it.’

Wow, if I only had half of his conviction!

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