Tony Robbins – Tiny Changes Mean Huge Results

Written by on April 2, 2013 in Motivational Videos, your Mind with 1 Comment

For as long as I have been playing golf, I should be much better than I am. A few years ago, it looked like my game was improving and then it disappeared again. Each year I usually end up recycling the same old excuses. “I need to play more often, but I don’t have the time.” “I need to get to the driving range.” The golf industry is built on this one – “Better equipment that’s what I need.”

That all being said, golf is really not that high on my priority list. It’s a nice escape.  It cracks me up when I see celebrities or professional athletes whining about their golf games. Tony Robbins tells a story that is mind altering if taken to heart.

Robbins starts by sharing his struggles in a golf lesson. His balls are going left and right – everywhere except for straight. The instructor says that if you slightly adjust the strike angle, just 1 millimeter, the ball will go straight. That tiny change will make all of the difference.

Tony says that’s a fantastic life lesson for us.  When all hell is breaking loose in our lives, we are only 1 millimeter  away from getting back on track.  Unfortunately, most people think it’s impossible and just give up.  I have been there many times and it currently feels like I’m in one of those storms, but I trust and believe that I’m only 1 millimeter away…

If you are in one of those moments – here is a pick you upper.  From the looks of it, Charles Barkley may be several meters away. LOL…

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