There is a Bigger Elephant in the Room for Entrepreneurs

I created my first Pinterest board today.  Check it out.  Not really sure what to do with it, but it could become a repository for cool quotes that I come across.  I saw this one, but had to clean it up for my audience.


I have written several post recently on fears that American workers have concerning entrepreneurship –  Fear of Going Broke and How Entrepreneurs Overcome Fear. An Edward Jones survey found that:

  • 61% fear losing savings
  • 58% fear lack of support and safety net
  • 50% fear losing healthcare and retirement benefits
  • 49% fear lack of work/life balance
  • 34% fear doing it alone and feeling isolated

Those are all real concerns, but there is an elephant in the room that may be be scarier than all of those. Once again, I will draw on a Steve Jobs story.

Steve Jobs gives employees a little speech when they’re promoted to Vice President at Apple, according to Adam Lashinsky in a new article in Fortune that’s not online yet.  Lashinsky calls it the “Difference Between the Janitor and the Vice President.”

Jobs tells the VP that if the garbage in his office is not being emptied regularly for some reason, he would ask the janitor what the problem is. The janitor could reasonably respond by saying, “Well, the lock on the door was changed, and I couldn’t get a key.”

An irritation for Jobs, for an understandable excuse for why the janitor couldn’t do his job. As a janitor, he’s allowed to have excuses.  ”When you’re the janitor, reasons matter,” Jobs tells newly minted VPs, according to Lashinsky.

“Somewhere between the janitor and the CEO, reasons stop mattering,” says Jobs, adding, that Rubicon is “crossed when you become a VP.”  In other words, you have no excuse for failure. You are now responsible for any mistakes that happen, and it doesn’t matter what you say.  (Business Insider)

I recently took a big hit on one my investments and was sharing this with my Mother.  She said, who can we blame? There was a time when I would have blamed Wall Street, the weather, anyone and everyone except the man in the mirror.  This time I calmly said to my Mother – that CEO needs to be fired! LOL.

Actually, I said there are no fingers to point – this is on me.

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