5 Steps to Making It Happen – Whatever It May Be!



1. It Starts with a Dream

One of our biggest problems is that realists surround us.  Even the ambitious realists, the ones that encourage us to go to college so that we can get a good job – aim too low.  Where are the people encouraging you to create jobs instead of looking for one?

2. MindShift

As we get older, the stakes of failure get higher. The responsibilities of family, mortgage payments and retirement are enormous. The gravity of letting everyone down with a failed entrepreneurial attempt or dream chasing exploit are intense.  Who would blame you if decided to keep your head down low on your JOB and forget about that crazy idea?

3.   Act (walk the walk)

 This is where the rubber hits the road. Dreaming big and thinking differently is important, but unfortunately until you take action it is all just wishful thinking.

4. Only Passion will allow U 2 Persist

“People say that you have to have a lot of passion for what you are doing.  It’s totally true.  The reason is because it is so hard … that any rational person would give up.  If you look at the ones that were “successful” in the eyes of society oftentimes the ones that were successful were the ones that could preserve when it got really tough. The ones that didn’t love it quit, because they are sane.”   Steve Jobs

5.   No Excuses None

Do yourself a favor the next time a situation occurs – instead of making an excuse accept responsibility and move on.  It is weird how things fall into place afterwards.


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