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Overcoming the Financial Gender Gap

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The last time I checked women comprised about 15% of my mailing list.  As a service to them, I often read articles on Women & Money and share the good ones that I find.  Many articles have the same premise claiming that “women tend to invest more conservatively than men.”  I just stumbled upon one that takes it a little […]

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Good Gift for a Mom: Financial Literacy

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I see articles like this all of the time and just chuckle.  It may sound good, but people most often do what feels right.  So, in this case your mother or wife gets the flowers and the financial literacy is postponed for a date to be determined. Source: The Buffalo News Flowers are nice and chocolates […]

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Why Women Face a Retirement Crisis

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Why Women Face a Retirement Crisis

Articles written specifically for women on money issues most often include lessons for men as well.  I found the following table quite interesting and alarming. This quote follows the table: “You’ll notice there aren’t any contribution suggestions for you 45-year-olds if you don’t have at least 3 times your income saved. That’s because T. Rowe […]

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Women and Their Finances: ‘Worry’ Outweighs Action

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Survey Finds Many Women Concerned About Retirement, But Not Taking Steps to Address Those Concerns BELLEVUE, Wash., April 4 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to personal finances, many women are worried about their financial future, but are either unwilling or unable to take action to improve their situation, according to a new survey conducted by […]

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Women Back Women’s Startups

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Barbara Boxer, a practicing attorney in Milwaukee, knows just how difficult it can be for women entrepreneurs to raise money. She ran her own mail-order medical supply company for 20 years before selling it in 1990, and now many of her clients are women who own businesses. After participating in a conference for women trying […]

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Out of the Supermarket and Into the Stock Market

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Source: Ms. Money Over the course of the last several years, it has become obvious to me while teaching seminars and classes that many women believe that people who invest in the markets were “born knowing.” I am living testimony that it’s simply not the case! As you read more about my starting point, you’ll […]

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Five Excellent Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

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Source: Startup Nation Listed are resources for women who have a desire to connect with, support and learn from other emerging and established female business owners.  National Association of Women Business Owners – A premier organization for women entrepreneurs. eWomenNetwork - All about networking Center for Women’s Business Research – Helps build your case when seeking […]

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Investing in – shoes?

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Source: Naples News . com A few of us were having a conversation in one of the restaurants at Waterside Shops, when the topic of shoes stepped forward. Lisa is a tall, smart, pulchritudinous blonde who’s in the high-end retail clothing business. Clothes and accessories are integral to her life. In an introspective mood, having […]

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