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Teach Your Kids about Money This Summer

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Source: Morningstar By Sue Stevens, CFA, CFP, CPA Summer offers a perfect time for kids to learn about the joys of putting in a good day’s work. Work can also help a child learn about money–how to make it, how to spend it, and how to invest it. The best way to learn anything is […]

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CEO and on Oprah at age 15

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What were you doing when you were 15 years old?  Jasmine was discussing her million dollar business on Oprah. Source: Dreamer ENT Two years ago, nearly all Jasmine Lawrence’s hair fell out after a chemical perm went horribly wrong. Today, partly because of that accident, she is at the helm of a haircare products group […]

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The Young Investor

Written by on February 15, 2007 in Young Investors with 1 Comment

It’s never too early to get started. Source: FastWeb Stephen Borkowski When Todd Romer was 16 years old he bought 10 shares of Johnson & Johnson stock with money he earned mowing lawns. “That was a tremendous lesson,” he says. Now he’s the editor of Young Money magazine, a publication he founded in 1999. Becoming […]

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The Most Comprehensive Resource for Investors Under 35

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This looks like an interesting resource for new investors or parents interested in teaching their kids about investing.  I haven’t read all of the articles, but there is bound to be a couple of good ones.  If any particular ones stand out - leave a mention in the comment section.

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New Push To Erase Financial Illiteracy Among Youth

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If you are a parent and if this article doesn’t make you uncomfortable – I don’t know what will.  Financial illiteracy among our youth is rampant.  The majority of college seniors have 4 or more credit cards and the average college senior carries a credit card balance of $3000; one in every 10 college students have more than […]

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Young investors: How to be better than your parents

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This article is targeted towards young investors, but older investors can learn a thing or two from it.  Share this article with your kids. Source: Fund Advice Investors in their 20s have a golden opportunity to start out right, if they learn and follow 10 easy lessons. In this article, Paul Merriman teaches those lessons and […]

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Fun Web Sites for Kids

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Your children already spend way too much time on the Web. Why not start them on some fun Web sites that teach them sound investment principles. More …

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Ten Tips to Turn School-Spending Outings into Money Lessons

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Source: Market Watch  You’re about to shell out hundreds of dollars on consumer goods: What better time to talk budgeting and personal finance with your children, whether they’re in third grade or heading off to college? More …

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