Week in Review 9/22

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Another fun filled week in the stock market.  The DOW was within points of a multi year high until the Philadelphia-Area Manufacturing report was released on Thursday.  The survey reported that Philadelphia-area manufacturing shrank this month for the first time in three years.  This spooked the market as it represented one of the first signs indicating that US economic slowdown [...]

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Quote of the Day – Fear, Doubt, Apathy

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The quote of the day comes from Adam Hamilton, “The one non-negotiable prerequisite for a major interim bottom to be carved is for traders to be paralyzed with fear, doubt, apathy, and even loathing for a suddenly out-of-favor sector.”   Wow, who would want to buy stocks in that environment?  Not many.  Therein is the difficulty of [...]

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The New Titans

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There is a great set of articles in the September 16th edition of The Economist.  It dispels the belief that when the US sneezes the rest of the world gets a cold.  Today’s emerging economies make up more than 1/2 of world GDP.  One way to play the emerging markets is discussed in my article How [...]

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How Hard Could It Be?

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How hard could it be – to open a large store in the middle of nowhere and sell stuff cheap?  If your father is still living – ask him why in the hell didn’t he come up with that idea? Jim, John, S. Robson and Alice’s father did just that.  Along with their Mother, Helen, the Walton [...]

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How Entrepreneurial Are You?

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Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? Do you wonder if you have what it takes to put your dream into action? Take this survey and find out if you are the entrepreneurial type.

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Women Need to Start Managing and Investing Money

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Wow, this article is geared towards women – but has good advice for all of us. “If you want to consider your retirement as one big vacation, think about that in terms of how much your last vacation cost,” Cook said. “Most people want to eat out, and go out, and travel more after they [...]

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Shaquille O’Neal Forms Real Estate Investment Company

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Each and every day athletes and entertainers receive multi-million dollar contracts.  What is really funny is when they say that they needed to renegotiate their contract in order to feed their family.  I honestly believe in most cases they are telling the truth.  Just because they appear to be rich doesn’t mean that they are not living [...]

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Plan and Enjoy Your Retirement

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Source: CNN Money by Pat Regnier Daniel Fish, a New York City lawyer who specializes in helping elderly clients, keeps a small collection of blank birthday cards in his desk drawer. The number 100 is on the front of each one. (Hallmark says it sells 85,000 such cards a year.) “I’m just waiting for the [...]

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